Moodle: How to give Peer Feedback


You must exchange peer feedback with another studentĀ before you can submit your assignment. This happens within each unit, in the online workshop found in the Peer Feedback section of each unit.

There are three steps in each workshop: first you upload your draft, then a couple of days later you provide feedback to your peer and they to you, and finally a couple of days after that the workshop closes so that you can view the feedback. Take this feedback into account when working on the final version of your assignment before you submit it.

If for some reason you do miss a peer feedback workshop, please complete the Request for Exceptional Coursework Extension form and send to your tutor. The workshop will reopen for late submissions for one week only at a later stage.

You’ll find the exact dates of all workshops, and of late workshops, on your Moodle calendar.


The short video below will give you a walkthrough on how to give peer feedback:

Click here, to download a printable paper guide.