FAQ: How to upload your assignment as an MSword format (.doc/.docx) into Moodle?

When uploading your assignments into moodle, these need to be in a MSword format, therefore if you use any other word processing program; such as pages or Openoffice you must export you document into to MSword before uploading it.

How to convert a Pages (.pages) document into Microsoft word:

If you are a Mac user and use Pages as your word processing program,  you may encounter problems to the extent that some elements of Pages are not compatible with Microsoft word. Before uploading your assignments into  moodle, you must export a Pages document as a Word format.  Click here to find out  how to do this, or you may wish to watch this short video instead. Click here  if you wish to learn more about compatibility between Pages and MS word.

Other formats:

Please see this short video guide on how to convert Open Office Text (.odt) document into Microsoft Word.

Please see this short video guide on how to convert a Google Docs document into Microsoft Word.


If you email us in regard to this issue, be sure  to note wether you are a mac or pc user  and which software you are using to help with diagnosing the problem.