FAQ: How do add my e-Portfolio documents to categories?

When asked to do your Professional Placement ePortfolio – will will have standard categories that you have to follow. You should already know how to do this from when you set up your first ePortfolio- at the beginning of your course.

Here’s a refresher:

If you need further guidance on how to create or use categories, please visit the Pathbrite guide on How to use categories

Go into your portfolio and click Style and Settings, then click Categories.

Click the title of the Category you’d like to organise documents into (such as Planning or AEL).


The + button in the colour of that category, will appear over each of your documents in your portfolio.

Click the + button on each of the documents you wish to add to that Category.


The document will then be labelled in that Category’s colour.

To remove a document from a Category, follow the same process but click the  button.