VLE Guide


Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It’s an online classroom available around the world. It’s a place where students can communicate, reflect and collaborate with other students and tutors no matter where they’re located.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide to Moodle, from how to log in to how to submit your assignments online. Watch these videos to familiarise yourself with your new course, or if you prefer, download the printable step-by-step guides. If you have any questions or problems that are not covered in our guides, please get in touch.

During your course

How to find and use a Forum
How to find and contribute to a Wiki
How to find and complete a Quiz
How to find and use the Glossary
How to record a SOUND presentation


Using images in your assignments
How to give Peer Feedback
How to find and submit an Assessed Test
How to find and submit an Assignment
How to find tutor feedback given on your assignment
 How to resubmit an assignment

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