Reading resources

As an MCI student, you have access to the following reading resources:

1. The London MCI Mallinson Library, which contains educational and Montessori related books, magazines, and journals. EYE students can borrow 2 books at a time for 1 week and FdA students can borrow up to 3 books at a time for 1 week; book loans can be renewed once. For full terms and conditions of using the Mallinson Library please see the relevant section in your course handbook.

2. The section called Reading Files from Workbooks, on your course on the VLE. You’ll find this section by going into your course, then clicking on Resources on the menu on the left. Look for the link called Reading Files from Workbooks and click on it. On that page you’ll find all digital reading resources of your course, organised in units/modules.

3. The online EBSCO e-Library, which contains a rich variety of educational journals, magazines, and e-books. Simply right-click on the e-Library button at the navbar of your course page, and select Open in a new tab. To find out more on how to access and use the EBSCO e-Library download this printable guide. You can also watch our video guidelines:

4. The Resources section on our VLE Meeting Point (underneath Noticeboard), which contains detailed Montessori reading lists and topics, as well as archived issues of the Montessori International magazine. Click here for a direct link to Meeting Point.

5. In addition, FdA students have access to the LMU online library resources. To find out how to access and use the LMU online resources download this printable guide.



The full Harvard Referencing Guide.




image of digital copyright

All digital resources provided by MCI are covered by UK copyright law, our CLA licence, and our partner agreements (LMU, EBSCO). According to these you are only allowed to:

  • Download those digital resources for personal use
  • Print a single copy

You are not allowed to share or disseminate those digital resources, or print multiple copies.