Professional Placement


The Professional Placement is an essential and integral part of your EYE course, and we recommend our students to consider when and where to undertake this part of their training at an early stage of their studies. You can register to start your Professional Placement after a minimum of 10 weeks of study, however the majority of students start their placement on completion of the taught element of the course. Choosing to start your Professional Placement before the end of your taught course, will inevitably add to your workload and put additional pressure on your time.  If you do, it is important that you consider your timetable carefully and are aware of all due dates for all your assignments, to access the number of hours you can commit.

whenThere are a 3 main considerations to think about, when and where will you carry out your professional placement and how to register for it.

For more information on this please have a look at the Professional Placement General Information Booklet which has all the information you need to register to start your placement (and after a minimum of 10 weeks of study).

Recommended hours (for EYE students)

clock-33989_640If you choose to start your placement while studying you will become in effect a full-time student. We recommend no more than 10 – 15 hours maximum spread over 2 days or 3 mornings per week in placement if combining with study. There is additional work to be done on a daily basis while on placement and a range of placement assignments which will require additional independent study time of at least another 6 – 10 hours per week.

If you choose to start your placement after completion of your EYE course, please be reminded that you must allocate yourself enough time to successfully complete your Professional Placement.

For Example:

 If you enrolled onto the EYE course in February 2017, please be advised that you must decide on a setting for your Professional Placement no later than September 2018 (In which case a bare minimum of 25 hours per week devoted to your placement is needed) – as your course’s end-date would be February 2019

This will give you sufficient time to complete your studies and prevent complications.



All students should consider where to carry out your Professional Placement element of your course. Please note that it is a condition of registration that students have carried out independent research to ensure there is a suitable Montessori setting to complete the placement as a condition of entry onto the course. It is best to research local Montessori settings in your area and then make contact with the Manager to arrange a visit. It is a good idea to try and spend a morning or even whole day in the setting to get a sense of the environment and the staff team before completing your registration form. If you have a Montessori setting in mind but it is not currently registered with the college we can try to register the setting for you (Professional Placement Handbook, 2015 p.6)

Click on the map below to search for settings currently approved for Professional Placement:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.34.31.png

If you need assistance regarding this process, please contact the Professional Placement Coordinator via

howOnce a setting has agreed in principle to accommodate you for your placement, complete and submit both the Professional Placement Registration Form and the Suitability, Medical and Health Declaration (plus the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form if applicable) to at least four weeks in advance of your agreed start date.

On receipt of the registration form further general information on starting your placement will be provided.

For more on any of the above information, click the Professional Placement General Information Booklet image below…

ppt booklet