Pathbrite Guide 2014/15

pathbritelogo_0Pathbrite is a website where you will make and keep your reflective journal and your e-portfolios.You might also want to have a look at these MCI Portfolios to get an idea of what you will be submitting. Watch the overview video below to familiarize yourself with Pathbrite.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide to Pathbrite, from how to register to how to post your reflections. Watch these videos and guides in the order below to set up your reflective journal and e-portfolio. Please note, MCI does not register you with Pathbrite so you will need to register yourself. The process to register is quick and easy and our guide below will show the steps to do this. If you have any questions or problems that are not covered in our guides, please get in touch.

How to register  for a free account with Pathbrite?

How to change your profile

How to log-in to Pathbrite everyday

How to create my reflective journal

How to add posts to my reflective journal

How to create my e-portfolio

How to add documents to my e-portfolio

How to share your profile and portfolios with your course tutor

 How to share an individual document with a tutor?

How to find feedback left for me