Pathbrite Guide


Pathbrite is a website where you will create and manage your digital portfolios. Have a look at this MCI Pathbrite portfolio and watch the overview video below to familiarise yourself with it.

Please note that MCI does not register you with Pathbrite – you will need to open a (free) account for yourself. The process to register is quick and easy and our guide below will show you how to do this. You should also be aware that the Pathbrite interface changes quite often, which may have an impact on what you see in some of our guides. However, the general principles of how to use Pathbrite stay the same.


Below you will find a step-by-step guide to using Pathbrite, from how to register to how to post your reflections. Go through each step in the order suggested so as to set up your portfolios correctly. You can also download all this information in a printable PDF format: PATHBRITE GUIDE – STUDENTSYou will need to fully complete steps A, B, C, D, E, and F as soon as you start your studies.

A. Create your free account and profile

B. Create and name your portfolios

C. Add these settings to your portfolios

D. Share your profile and portfolios

E. Create categories

F. Working with documents

G. Work with categories

H. Comments, Likes, Notifications

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