ICT Skills


If you are not confident online or need a refresher, access the resources below to help you build-up your ICT skills.

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The Studyhub at London Metropolitan University contains valuable information, useful videos and further links to all the learning skills you will need to improve your ‘Job’ as a student.

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For downloadable guides to a wide range of internet issues ranging from beginners to intermediate skills, try the BBC Webwise materials.

Bellow you will find a selection of the BBCWebwise materials that you may find useful.

What is netiquette?

How to fill-in an online form

What is internet security?

skipe buttonSkype is an easy tool that people download and use everyday for voice and video calling, instant messaging, sharing and low-cost local and international calls. If you are unfamiliar with Skype follow the guides below.

How to download Skype

How to set up a Skype account?

How to log in to Skype (Windows & Mac)

How to log out of Skype (Windows & Mac)

Making a video call (Windows)

Making a video call (Mac)

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The browser is the program you are using to view this site. While most people use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google’s Chrome have big followings.  If you use a Mac, you might also use Safari. With so many to to choose from, people may be reluctant to try another brand, even when others claim the benefits of one over the other. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are doing.

 What is a browser and what browser am I using?

How to update your browser version?

 How do I enable cookies on my browser?

basicBelow you can find tips and sources for online guides for acquiring basic skills with the most common used computer programmes.  This is just to get you started and you can progress as far as you wish by using sources such as google search, wikihow guides and youtube videos.


 Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is part of Microsoft Office, that you might be asked to create as part of your office_pptcourse work. It is a complete presentation graphics package, with word processing, outlining, drawing and  graphing with multimedia (pictures and video).

Follow this youtube video for basic steps on how to create a ppt.

Or if you prefer consider this wikihow step by step guide.