Here are some of our most common Frequently Asked Questions about our online courses. Use this section to find a solution to any issues you might be having.
What information is required when contacting the Support Team?

What are the minimum requirements to access my MCI moodle course?

What is a browser and what browser am I using?

 How do I update my browser?

 How do I enable cookies on my browser?

How to clear my browser’s cache?

How do I add images to my documents?


Pathbrite FAQ

What are the Pathbrite recommended browser versions?
Where can I find the Confidentiality- and Learner  Agreement for Pathbrite?
What do I need to share with my course tutor?
How can I edit my account details?
How do I enable comments on my Pathbrite ePortfolios?
How do I add my documents to categories?
How do I enable download for my tutors, so they can print my work?
How do I download a document from my Pathbrite ePortfolio?
How do I delete a document from my ePortfolio?
How replace a document on my ePortfolio?
How can I share an individual document with my tutor?
I need to share my Pathbrite e-Portfolio again; how do I re-share? 
I do not want my tutor to have access to my portfolio anymore; how to I un-share?


Moodle FAQ

 What are the MOODLE  recommended browser versions?
Why does it say that I’m not enrolled when I click my course?
How do I find my student number in moodle?
Where can I find my course timetable?
I’m not receiving emails from moodle or my tutors?
I have changed my email address, who do I need to inform?
Error message: ‘No permission to do that’ ?
Error message: ‘No course information available’?
Error message:  ‘You can not enrol yourself in this course?
Why can’t I view the quizzes/.ppt/ videos and games? 
Why can’t I download some of the powerpoint presentations?
Why am I having trouble watching videos and Animotos?
I can only see part of the quiz, what shall I do?
Do I have to wait to edit the wiki?
How can I enlarge the moodle calendar?
How can I use padlets in my course?
How do I change the email subscription to the forum posts?
How can I access my Moodle messages on Moodle? 
How can I view Moodle notifications on Moodle? 

Click here for a FAQ specific to assignments in moodle.assignment icon copy

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us at e-support@montessori.org.uk from Monday to Friday, and we will endeavour to respond your query within 24 hours.