Pathbrite: add these settings to your portfolios

Please make sure you add all the following settings on both your portfolios. This will ensure that they’re easy to view and work with, that your tutor(s) can comment on them, and that your intellectual property is protected!

set up portfolio1

style and settings


  1. Click and enter your portfolio. On the menu on the right, click on Edit, then Style & Settings.
  2. Click on Layout and select Bricks.
  3. Click on Theme and select Dark.
  4. Click on Portfolio Settings and make sure it is set to Private, Portfolio Industry is set to Education, the Allow Comments box is set to Yes, and the Show Download Links box is ticked.
  5. Finally click on done editing at the bottom right. Don’t forget to do this, otherwise your changes will not be saved!

Go back to your Profile and repeat the above steps to set up your second portfolio.

Once you’ve set up both your portfolios, go back to your Profile. Both your portfolios should be listed below your profile picture. Make sure that when you hover over a portfolio, the padlock icon at the top left of each portfolio (‘Toggle Visibility’) looks locked. This means that the portfolio is private. Always make sure that this padlock looks locked!

padlock icon

How to add images to documents

Open your document and go to the page where you’d like the image added. Click at the position where you’d like the image added. Most programmes (like Microsoft Office programmes for example) have a button or tab called Insert, and then the further option to Insert Image.

Watch this short video for more details.

Moodle: How to give Peer Feedback (Online Learners)


Peer Feedback applies only to EYE Distance (Online) Learners.

You must give peer feedback before you can submit your assignment. Please follow the submission windows on Moodle because without completing this requirement first, you will miss the window for submitting your work.

If for some reason you do miss your window, contact your Group Tutor immediately.

The short video below will give you a walkthrough on how to give peer feedback:

Click here, to download a printable paper guide.

Pathbrite: Work with categories

category plus sign

Categories are like colourful post-it notes. You can apply them on your documents so as to categorise them and find them easily. Here’s how to apply one (or more) categories to a document, how to remove a category from a document, plus some tips:

  • Go into your portfolio.
  • Click Edit, then Style & Settings, then Categories.
  • Left-click once first on the Category you’d like to assign. Then look at your documents on the left: they will each have a + sign on them, the same colour as the category you’re working with right now. Left-click once on the + plus sign on the document. That means that this document now belongs to this category. Repeat till you have classified your documents.
  • If a document has a coloured – minus sign, then that means that it already belongs to this category. Click on the minus sign if you want to remove that category from that file.
  • Once you’ve finished assigning/removing categories, click at Done Editing at bottom right.

◊ Tip: you can assign multiple categories to the same one document.

◊ Tip: in the main view of your portfolio, all assigned categories appear as a colourful dot-list at the top of your portfolio. Categories which contain no items will not be displayed there though.

FAQ: How do I change the email subscription to the forum posts?

Once you have posted to the student chat forum or the academic forum on moodle, you will receive one email per new forum post anyone makes in this forum.

However, you may want to change your subscription mode, only subscribe to certain forums or track the forums without receiving emails.

Please note that you cannot un-subscribe from the news forum.

Please click here for a guide on how to manage your forum subscription

FAQ: What do I need to share with my course tutor in my Pathbrite account?

Your Pathbrite profile includes your e-Portfolio that you will be keeping during you MCI course. Because your e-Portfolio is set up to private, it will only be visible to your Course tutor if you share: you profile and your e-Portfolio.

Once you have done this, your tutor will be able to access every document you upload to this portfolio, so there is no need to share individual documents with your tutor!


Pathbrite: View likes and feedback comments

comments and likes

Here’s how to see if your tutor has liked your documents and/or has commented on them:

  • Click on the notifications bell icon at the top right of the screen. This will show you all recent likes and comments.
  • Click on any item in a portfolio and scroll down. See if the heart icon (Liked) is highlighted, and see if there are any comments at the bottom of the page.


This video guide will show you how to find feedback left by your tutor:


Pathbrite: Share your profile and portfolios


You will need to share your Profile and both your Portfolios with your tutor(s). Here’s how:

  • SHARE YOUR PROFILE: Go to My Account > My Profile. Click on the Share icon on the right of your profile image. Enter your tutor’s email in the next pop-up window, and click Share.
  • SHARE YOUR PORTFOLIO: Hover over your portfolio and click Share, or click and enter your portfolio and click Share. In the next pop-up window, click on the SHARE small button (it’s got an envelope to its left). Enter your tutor’s email in the next pop-up window, and click Share.
  • See the table below to find out what to share, who with, and when.
  • Please note: only share your Profile and your Portfolios with tutors. There’s no need to share with them each individual document you upload!
item to share who with? when?
your profile your tutor or the group address (as instructed during induction) straight away!
your personal development portfolio your tutor or the group address (as instructed during induction) straight away!
your placement portfolio EYE: your placement tutor
FdA/CertHE: group address
EYE: when placement starts
: straight away!

You can also watch this video guide on how to share your profile and portfolios with your tutor:

Please view our Pathbrite FAQs for further tips, e.g. how to re-share or un-share your Pathbrite e-portfolio.

Pathbrite: Upload your documents

Please complete and upload now on your Personal Development Portfolio the following 3 documents:

Learner Agreement
Statement of Understanding
Confidentiality Agreement

You’ll find them all in the Resources section of your course on the Moodle VLE. You will of course keep adding documents to your portfolios throughout your studies, however the above three documents need to be completed and uploaded onto Pathbrite at the very beginning of your course.

How to upload documents on Pathbrite:

  • Click and enter a portfolio and then click on the Edit button at the top right.
  • Either drag and drop files from your computer into the central upload box, or click on Add Work on the menu on the right and select what type of document you’d like to upload.
  • If you don’t like the way a document appears on your portfolio ‘wall’: click and enter your portfolio, then click on Edit. Find your document, hover over it, and click on Adjust Image. Then follow the instructions to add your own ‘cover’ of the item.

This video guide will show you how to add documents to your portfolios:


FAQ: Why am I having trouble watching videos and animotos?

There might be a few reasons why you’re having trouble viewing your video, so here’s a handy list of things to check:

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies
  2. Make sure you have a high-speed connection. Closing windows or tabs with loading or streaming content can help, too.
  3. Make sure your Flash is up to date. Regardless of your browser, you must have cookies and JavaScript enabled, and have Adobe Flash Player (version 10 or greater) installed. To check your version of Flash, head over to Adobe.(If you’ve already installed Flash and are still having trouble, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. You can also see our guide to uninstalling Flash.)
  4. Try a different internet browser. Remember Google Chrome, firefox and Apple safari are the recommended ones. For instance, if you’re using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Chrome instead.
  5. Check your firewall or anti-virus program. If you’re using an anti-virus program or you’re behind a firewall, you may need to adjust some settings. You will have to do that or consult your provider – the MCI support team will not be able to deal with that.
  6. Finally, if your video is simply starting and stopping frequently (called “buffering”), try pausing the video until it’s fully loaded.