Using text boxes

In some of your assignments, you might need to use text boxes within Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Text boxes are squares which you can insert into your document. You can then add text in them. You can change the size/colour/font of your text, you can change the inner colour of the square, and you can change the colour of its outline.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do all this.

  • In your document, click at the point where you’d like to add a text box.
  • In the top tools bar, select Insert, then Shapes.
  • Select Text Box (it’s the first option in the section Basic Shapes).
  • Go back to your document, and drag/drop your mouse pointer to ‘draw‘ the box.
  • To resize it, ‘grab’ it with your mouse from any of the little circle points around it, and drag it.
  • To change the inner or outline colour of the box, click once on the outline of the box. Then in the top tools bar, select Format. Then play around with the Shape Fill or the Shape Outline colours.
  • To add text, click once inside the box and type (or paste).
  • To change the appearance of text, select the text and edit it as you normally would (make sure you’re in the Home section at the top tools bar).