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WizIQ virtual classroom


WizIQ is an online easy to use webinar hosting platform.

Be system ready

Read carefully through this Webinar Preparation Guide and ensure you meet all requirements, pass all tests and obtain a score of 3.0/5.0 or above. You should run the Pre-Call Test in order to confirm your call quality before joining each webinar.


  • You will receive an email from WizIQ asking you to set your password.
  • Password must be set within 48 hours of receiving the email – otherwise you must sign up via https://webinars.montessori.org.uk/.

Join a session

  • Join a session by clicking on the link you’ll find on the relevant VLE section. If you’re not registered yet, you’ll be asked to do so as soon as you click on the link. Register and sign in – then click on menu at top left (three parallel horizontal lines), select Live Classes, then select your class.
  • This will take you to the Webinar Launch page. Click Launch to start.
  • When prompted by a pop-up box, click Allow Access.

During a session

  • Your camera, microphone, and sharing functions are disabled by default. We will activate them as and when the course requires.
  • To tell us about any technical issues you might be having, type in the chat box at bottom left (either in public view in Classroom Conversation, or privately in Private Messages).
  • To ask a question related to the session, click on the raising hand icon and type in what your question is about (you don’t have to type the full question). Then “wait for acknowledgment” and we’ll unmute you so that we can discuss your query.


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