Using images in your assignments

You will need to find and use images in some of your assignments.

The two golden rules when using online images are:
• do not use Google Images – use safe websites instead (see bottom of page)
• always credit the source



That is because the vast majority of images on Google Images are someone else’s copyright. That means that even though they’re viewable online, the public do not have the right to freely use them. Furthermore, if there are people in the picture, there’s the added issue of not knowing if the pictured people have given their consent for their image to be freely used by the public. It would be a lengthy process to locate the copyright owners, and all people pictured, and ask their permission. In order to avoid all this trouble, please only search for images on safe websites which contain Creative Commons images. That means that the copyright owners of the images have given their consent, thus everyone can use them for free and without need to ask permission.

Our top two favourites are:
pixabay (photos, illustrations)
openclipart (clipart)

More safe image websites:
Flickr creative commons
Wikimedia commons

To add an image to a Word document:
• Find an image (as described above), and save it on your computer.
• Click at the position where you want your image, in the Word document.
• Click on Insert, then Pictures.
• Select the picture from your computer, then click Insert.

To make the text appear tighter around the image in your Word document:
• Click and select the image.
• Click on Format, then Position, then More Layout Options.
• Select Text Wrapping (the middle tab), then select Square, and OK.