Pathbrite: add these settings to your portfolios

Please make sure you add all the following settings on both your portfolios. This will ensure that they’re easy to view and work with, that your tutor(s) can comment on them, and that your intellectual property is protected!

set up portfolio1

style and settings


  1. Click and enter your portfolio. On the menu on the right, click on Edit, then Style & Settings.
  2. Click on Layout and select Bricks.
  3. Click on Theme and select Dark.
  4. Click on Portfolio Settings and make sure it is set to Private, Portfolio Industry is set to Education, the Allow Comments box is set to Yes, and the Show Download Links box is ticked.
  5. Finally click on done editing at the bottom right. Don’t forget to do this, otherwise your changes will not be saved!

Go back to your Profile and repeat the above steps to set up your second portfolio.

Once you’ve set up both your portfolios, go back to your Profile. Both your portfolios should be listed below your profile picture. Make sure that when you hover over a portfolio, the padlock icon at the top left of each portfolio (‘Toggle Visibility’) looks locked. This means that the portfolio is private. Always make sure that this padlock looks locked!

padlock icon