Pathbrite: Work with categories

category plus sign

Categories are like colourful post-it notes. You can apply them on your documents so as to categorise them and find them easily. Here’s how to apply one (or more) categories to a document, how to remove a category from a document, plus some tips:

  • Go into your portfolio.
  • Click Edit, then Style & Settings, then Categories.
  • Left-click once first on the Category you’d like to assign. Then look at your documents on the left: they will each have a + sign on them, the same colour as the category you’re working with right now. Left-click once on the + plus sign on the document. That means that this document now belongs to this category. Repeat till you have classified your documents.
  • If a document has a coloured – minus sign, then that means that it already belongs to this category. Click on the minus sign if you want to remove that category from that file.
  • Once you’ve finished assigning/removing categories, click at Done Editing at bottom right.

◊ Tip: you can assign multiple categories to the same one document.

◊ Tip: in the main view of your portfolio, all assigned categories appear as a colourful dot-list at the top of your portfolio. Categories which contain no items will not be displayed there though.