Pathbrite: Working with documents

Please complete and upload now on your Personal Development Portfolio the following document:

Student Agreement

You’ll find it in the Resources section of your course on the Moodle VLE. You will of course keep adding documents to your portfolios throughout your studies, however the above document needs to be completed and uploaded onto Pathbrite at the very beginning of your course.

How to upload documents on Pathbrite:

  • Click and enter a portfolio and then click on the Edit button at the top right.
  • Either drag and drop files from your computer into the central upload box, or click on Add Work on the menu on the right and select what type of document you’d like to upload.
  • If you don’t like the way a document appears on your portfolio ‘wall’: click and enter your portfolio, then click on Edit. Find your document, hover over it, and click on Adjust Image. Then follow the instructions to add your own ‘cover’ of the item.

To DELETE a document:

  • Go into your profile.
  • Click and enter your portfolio.
  • Click on Edit at top right.
  • Scroll down, find the document you want to delete, and click on the Bin icon on the document (at the top right of the document).


This video guide will show you how to add documents to your portfolios: