FAQ: Why is my first assignment ‘restricted’?

Before having access to your first assignment for each Unit, you will have to complete a short Unit Evaluation Survey. This questionnaire is to help us find out about your experience and views of the unit, to help us monitor quality and to inform us to make any changes or improvements. All data will be collected anonymously.

  1. Go into the Unit and scroll all the way down the page to the last session of the Unit: ‘Review and Assessment’.
  2. Click the ‘Unit Evaluation Survey’ link (Img.1).
  3. This will take you to a new webpage to complete your survey (Img.2). Ensure that you answer all the questions.
  4. Once you have completed the survey, close the survey webpage and return to your Unit’s page. Refresh your browser and you should see a ‘tick’ against the Unit survey (Img.3). You are now able to submit your assignment.

Image 1                                                                Image 2
S1a      S2a

Image 3S3

If you experience any technical difficulties, please get in touch with the support team at moodlehelp@montessori.org.uk as soon as possible. Please make sure you have completed the survey before you contact us.