FAQ: I don’t know the MCI naming convention to register with Pathbrite?

You will use the MCI naming convention when you register for your free account with Pathbrite. The MCI naming convention is different for every group of students, and you can find yours in your moodle course by:

  •  Log into your moodle account
  • Click your course name
  •  Go into the Study Tools Unit
  • Click on “5 Step by step guides” in the table of contents, on the left pane of the screen

It is composed of three capital letters and one lower case letter before your first name. See the example below referring to one of the groups starting in February 2015:


If you forget to do this step, you can always change your first name once your account is set up by doing the following:

  • Log into to your Pathbrite account
  • Go to my account on the top right of the screen
  • Click settings 
  • Update the first name field to include the MCI naming convention
  • Remember to hit save