Moodle: How to find and use a Forum

Forums are the discussion areas in moodle where students can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. As you work through the different Units of you MCI moodle course you may be asked to contribute to a certain thread or topic. There will also be a social forum that both London base and distant learning students can use to share their experiences.

MD disclaimerIn your course there are Academic/Activity forums, a News forum and a Student Chat Forum.Once you have  contributed to a forum thread, you are automatically subscribed to that forum. The  News forum is a permanent subscription, which happens  once you enrol on your course. It will keep you posted with all relevant information, including extra readings and things related to your assignments. If you DO NOT receive the emails the News forum, you should:

  • Check that is not on you spam box
  • That your email is correct in moodle
This short video is going to show you how find and use a Forum in your MCI moodle course.

 Click here to download a printable paper guide.

 When using the forum, please consider etiquette for the internet. Netiquette is all about being courteous to others online to make the internet a fun experience for everyone.  It is therefore important, that you always consider the fundamental rules of Netiquette throughout your online experience.